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How to prepare for GATE-18 ????

Dear ICE warriors, Hope all your semester end exams are over now. The Big question you might be facing is how to prepare for GATE-17 Now. With the passing of day and you feeling that your preparation is not up to the mark the situation gets more panicking. Well I am writing this to make your life a bit systematic and tension free.This Is based on My experience of LAST  8 years with GATE students. First of All do not panic under any circumstances. Why I am saying This is for a simple reason that if you panic in life or any point of time during your preparation your natural ability to perform won’t be reflected. Panic will result in silly errors and hence a disastrous GATE result. Be cool , Sit back and think, Introspect and Make a plan. How to Make it I will tell you in the…

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Success: Is Sharp Mind a prerequisite?

Success: Is Sharp Mind a prerequisite? In this age of competition it is essential to keep your mind sharp. This helps in enhancing your creativity and intelligence. The ideas that you generate is what gives you an edge in this highly competitive world. There are many advantages associated with a sharp mind: When the mind is in shape you will constantly find yourself motivated and your focus will be enhanced. The increased focus and motivation will help in getting more things done. It will also help enhance your creativity. When the mind is in shape, inspiration is not far off. Even in times of storm you will be able to see the silver lining and will face the storm with a fight. A sharp mind helps you a long way in life. People often say that Education helps you prepare for life. What I believe is that education itself is…

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