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How to prepare Control Systems for GATE-2017?

How to prepare Control Systems for GATE ? Control Systems is one of the most important subjects for both Electrical and Electronics & Communication Engineering students for GATE. In-depth study of the subject is very necessary for cracking any competitive exam. In GATE (E&TC/Electrical), the average marks from Control Systems is 10 Marks and the no of Questions will be 3-4 One mark Questions & 4-5 Two Marks Questions. GATE is more about the application of concepts. So one should solve as many questions as possible which further helps in clarity of subject and increases question solving speed. The following topics are very important from the point of view of GATE – 1) BLOCK DIAGRAMS Open Loop System Closed Loop System Laplace Transform Transfer Function Sensitivity                                                                                                        2) TIME DOMAIN ANALYSIS Introduction Time Response of 2nd Order System Time Response Specifications Steady State Error                                                                                       3) TIME DOMAIN STABILITY Routh’s…

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GATE 2017: Last 135 days to shape your Destiny

“Work hard, Toil and achieve your dream.” Success never comes to people who wait for things to happen, people who achieve success are the once who make things happen. So don’t wait up but start planning your next few months as the GATE exam fast approaches. It is that time of the year when it is important for you to refine your methodology of study. To help you with your planning we interacted with some of the faculties as to how should the students go ahead with their studies in the last few months. Below is a snapshot of what the faculties had to say: Polish up your concepts with repeated numerical solving. Nothing helps better in polishing up the concepts than solving numerical. Make sure to solve all the questions on the back of the booklet and pick up more from reference books. Hammer your mind regularly with more…

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